Stomach Exercises

Really want to get that six pack? Well, dieting alone just won't cut it -- literally! You HAVE to exercise to achieve this. Exercising will help to
define those stomach muscles, and any cardio or sweat inducing exercises you do will help melt off the extra layers of fat covering up those abs.

Abdominal and core exercises:

The plank
standing twists
leg lifts (lying on your back)
crunches on a medicine ball
toe touches (lying on your back, legs and feet up towards the ceiling)
bicycles (on your back)

Pick 3 of these and create yourself a serious abs and core set. My personal choice would be this:

burpees --> the plank --> standing twists

Do 3 sets of each. Each set should be anywhere from 20 to 40 reps. Beginners, start with smaller numbers and as you progress, add more reps. Should take about 20 minutes, and best of all, you get it in, you get it DONE! Do this routine 4 to 5 times a week, tweak that diet so you're replacing bad, sugary, fatty food with the good, and watch those abs pop in, two cans at a time! Here's to the six pack that will soon appear in your future!

Quick Upper Body Workout

We all want toned, chiseled arms. Some are blessed enough to have them because of lucky genes, and the rest of us have to just work for it. If you're in the latter category, then here's a quick, effective arm, chest, and back workout that will have you looking at some nice guns on those arms and a nice, defined back and chest if you stick with it.


Push ups - 20 to 30 per set

Plank with a one arm row - get in straight arm plank position, with one knee bent. With the opposing hand (of the bent knee), start with the dumbbell in its lowest position (on the floor), and pull it up and in towards the side of your ribs, keeping your elbow tucked in close to your body. Return the bell to start position. Do 15 to 20 reps and switch sides. You can also do reps to failure for faster results.

Bicep curl to a lat raise - exactly how it sounds. Combine the two exercises (curl first, flowing right into the lat raise after the down phase of the curl), counting each combined rep as 1. Do reps to failure.

Straight punches - with lighter dumbbells than you would normally use (listen here, so you don't damage the ligaments of your shoulder and anterior delts).
Stand with feet apart and parallel, hands up in a boxer stance, elbows down by your ribs. Extend one arm at a time forward into a straight jab, aiming it dead center in front of you. Recoil the arm, and extend the other one forward into a jab. Speed up to a steady pace and rhythm, continuously punching for 30 to 40 second bursts. Do it twice in a row, with a brief few seconds rest in between, and count it as one set.

That's it!

4 exercises, 3 to 4 sets each, 3 to 4 times a week. And don't forget to watch your fat and sugar intake, of course, to thin out that fatty layer of skin covering those muscles. When the warm weather comes, wear your tank tops, wife beaters and muscle shirts, and flex til the sun don't shine. You earned it!