Burn and Cleanse Diets

These are all the rage right now, aren't they? The one Beyonce supposedly used that advises drinking cayenne pepper and lemon water, and the one touted by that chick from The Biggest Loser, right? They're everywhere! Question is, what do you really think is going to happen after you "cleanse and burn" off all the fat and cals you accumulated over a period of time? Hmmm? They're going to come right back on within a week or two, because you still didn't change your basic eating habits, that's what. Oh, you'll be good for a while, lasting more than a few days, even, after that cleanse. But pretty soon it will all fade away, just as all quick fixes eventually do.

The only reason anyone should be trying to lose weight in a not so reasonable amount of time (like, say, in a week) is if they're trying to look good for a special event, like a wedding or a class reunion, a boxing weigh in, or a role in a movie that you just suddenly got the call for. And even then, you shouldn't be trying to do it in less than 10 days or a week. Not only is doing that a bit dangerous, but also, you end up feeling like hell while you're going through this process of starving yourself, drinking strange liquids in place of food, and not eating.

Stop going for the quick fixes, people. Curtail the unhealthy eating, get up and off the couch and get some activity going on in your life. And some exercise....

And THEN you'll be looking fit and fierce ALL the time! Now, put down that cayenne pepper and go get on the treadmill.....NOW!

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