Lunge Curls

One of the best ways to get some good, effective strength training in is to combine exercises. Not only is the work load increased due to more muscle groups being utilized during the ask, but this also a more efficient way to exercise and can save you some time on the workout.

A really good one to add to your lineup is the combination lunge-curl.

Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart and parallel, With a dumbbell in each hand. Step a big step forward and bend your knee into lunge position, making sure to place the knee over the heel, not the toe. As you step forward into the lunge bring both dumbbells up into bicep curl position. Then step back, allowing the weights to drop back into the start position, foot also returning to the original position. Step forward with the other foot into a lunge, curling with the dumbbells. Keep alternating right and left, double arm curling with each lunge. Do sets of these lunges or do them until reach muscle fatigue.

*You can also do these with a backwards stepping lunge.

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unikorna said...

Very very useful tips. I shall try some of them. I only do 15 minutes a day on a room bicycle. I suppose it is not enough :(. Kisses.