The Acai Berry Hype

Unless you've been living under a rock these past few years, you've at least heard about the acai berry even if you haven't yet tried it. And that's "ah-sah-yeee". I know I was calling it "ah - kai" until I got it straight early on. Anyway, this berry, grown in Brazil, is said to have super antioxidant qualities and the ability to speed up one's metabolism. It's yet another one of those "super foods" like soy or papaya.

Well, this berry actually does live up to the hype, not only providing immense benefits such as promoting a strong immune system, giving one boundless energy and providing super antioxidants, but it's also rich in omega fats, essential amino acids, plant sterols, fiber, vitamins A, B1,2 and 3, C & E, and on top of that, packs in potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper. How's all THAT for a simple little berry? Amazing, I say! Definitely worth a try, and if you can add it to your diet in some way, shape or form on a regular basis, you should do it.

Now, you won't necessarily find the acai berry itself just hanging out in your local super market (unless you shop in specialty markets), but your local health food stores might have them, and many juice bars do keep them on hand to put into power and health shakes. If you haven't already, give these berries a try, in whatever form you can get them in. (they can also be found in concentrated powder packets). They may be a tad expensive, but hey, aren't you, your body and your health worth it?
You bet you are!


acai said...

It does make a good addition to salad dressings for a variety of different types of salads, especially fruit salads or it can be used as a sauce to go over other types of fruit based deserts.

Money Girl said...

In a fruit salad sounds like a great idea! I will try that with some mango, strawberries, grapefruit and cantaloupe. Should be good!