Office Workout #1

Okay, so here you are with one of the busiest jobs on the planet and a mean as hell, ridiculously unreasonable boss who will barely let you out the door long enough to grab some lunch, much less a workout. you have food delivered in that you eat right at your desk, Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's not so good. Hell, with all of the stress you experience in this job daily, a little comfort food now and then really isn't a bad thing -- it's a coping mechanism! The upshot of that is that your waist is starting to get thicker, that belly of yours is becoming a BELLY, and your overall body tone is beginning to resemble that of Play Doh. Running out to catch a lunchtime class at the area gym is out of the question. yet, you know by looking at your jiggling thighs and that getting softer by the minute butt that you need to do something, and fast.

Well, office workouts that can be done right there in your cubicle or office are the ticket for you. We will put together a workout using just your body weight, your chair and some light to medium weight dumbbells (buy a pair and lock them in your desk drawer!).

Today's office workout will target the triceps, quad, hamstrings, biceps, glutes and shoulders on your desk or any sturdy structure at least 3 feet tall that you can lean your entire body weight on.

Using the desk, or a non rolling chair we'll do tricep dips
using your chair we'll also do squats
using your dumbbells, we'll work triceps and shoulders

The set:

10 to 15 tricep dips
15 to 20 squats (stand up from your chair and take a big step forward. Keeping your back straight, chest up, lower your butt until it's almost touching the seat. then stand back up, giving your glutes a squeeze while doing so.
20 bicep curls
20 lat raises
Do 3 sets of each

Have a towel and water handy. You're going to need it! And if you can close your office door for privacy, by all means do. Nothing worse than nosy coworkers looking in and distracting you with idle chit chat. Also, if you choose the lunch hours to do this, you're less likely to get interrupted, as many of your coworkers will be out to lunch. Get it in, get it done, tyrant of a boss be damned!

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